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MFA webinar: AI-based ultrasound measurement system in use (German)

In the MFA webinar on the topic of AI-based ultrasonic measuring system in use, MFA member Markus Loinig (Senzoro GmbH) together with user Stefan Altenberger (VM Holz) demonstrated how to reliably predict the remaining service life of roller bearings and achieve rapid results.

Many crucial questions were addressed. Starting with what customers actually expect from predictive maintenance, when costs can be saved by means of predictive maintenance and the 'Big 5' predictive maintenance technologies. The use case with VM Holz describes how the process works and what potential the ultrasonic measurement system can unleash in your company.

See for yourself!

The spearkers:

Markus Loinig CEO, Senzoro GmbH Markus Loinig started his career at Daimler AG as a consultant in the field of lean management before working for the management consultancy Booz&Company for six years. With the foundation of Senzoro in the field of predictive maintenance, he and his team have combined ultrasound technology with artificial intelligence. Mr. Loinig also teaches the subject "Production Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Kapfenberg and has mastered the programming language Python and programs central aspects of artificial intelligence himself.

Stefan Altenberger Head of Maintenance, VM Holz Professionally, Mr. Altenberger grew up as a skilled fitter in industrial maintenance. Over the years, he has held various positions in the areas of technology, maintenance and production in different industries as maintenance, department and production manager. He successfully completed his studies in "Management and IT" at Danube University Krems and has been the technical site manager at VM Holz in Vöcklamarkt since 2019. Mr Altenberger is also the author of the book "Life Cycle Costing and Total Cost of Ownership in Industrial Maintenance".



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