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Project examples

Predictive Maintenance & OEE

A production-critical system is monitored by means of permanent ultrasonic sensors. System failures are predicted,  The basis for the predictions is our onion layer in combination with our rolling bearing AI. The machine runtimes are evaluated in real time.


Detection of cracks in band saws

Cracks in band saws are detected on the basis of microphone data (audible audio range) in order to reduce unplanned failures. Our onion layer evaluates the data in real time 24/7.


Synthetic data for rolling bearings

In a research project, we are generating synthetic data from rolling bearings in order to enrich real AI training data. The focus is on lubrication conditions and damaged components


Detection of cavitation

The time of failure of (high pressure) rotary pumps is predicted on the basis of the increasing cavitation. The core of the solution is our onion layer, which extracts the relevant information from ultrasonic sensors.


Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System with AI

The Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System is an in-house development by Senzoro and an absolute world first. For the first time we have combined artificial intelligence and acoustic emissions in the ultrasonic range. The solution is used to predict damage to rolling bearings and gears.


Machine tracking using an app

An app was implemented that uses AI to recognize machine statuses based on the built-in sensors in iPhone's. All sensors built into the iPhone are evaluated. The solution can be used offline and is equipped with a real-time dashboard in the cloud.


Predict corrosion

In an interdisciplinary research project, Senzoro provides the onion layer for evaluating acoustic emissions. Components are corroded in a salt chamber in order to generate data for training an AI that detects the types of corrosion and predicts progress.


Onion layer for feature extraction

Development of a cloud-based service to extract the relevant information (features) from audio files (.wav). The service is available in limited functionality at

Feature Extrahierung.png
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