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Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System

The central tool of the Senzoro Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring System is a mobile measuring device consisting of a robust industrial tablet and a highly sensitive ultrasonic sensor. For the measurement, the sensor is attached to the system for approximately 20 seconds (adheres magnetically) and then removed again.

  • Shorter measuring times

  • AI-based, rapid and automatised evaluation

  • Higher quality of the analysis

  • Less training effort

  • Most diverse application areas

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Low costs due to shorter measuring times

  • With the Senzoro system, the plant does not need to be set to a certain operating state (e.g. speed, idle), which eliminates preparation time

  • Ultrasound has a high information density, a few seconds of measuring time are sufficient

  • Recording of the measuring position and transmission of the system is completely digital

  • Compared to vibration measurement, the Senzoro system eliminates numerous process steps

AI-based, rapid and automatised evaluation

  • The Senzoro industrial tablet is the (networked) starting point for fully automatised evaluation

  • High-performance servers evaluate the ultrasound data 24/7, without human intervention

  • Results are available a few minutes later, eliminating the waiting time for the results report

Higher quality of the analysis

  • Algorithms have learned typical damage patterns from examples, recognise them and give clear recommendations for action

  • Analysis results are objective, standardised and not influenced by expert opinion

  • Some components (e.g. roller bearings) allow the calculation of the remaining service life, as artificial intelligence has been trained over many years with data from industry

Less training effort
  • With AI-based analysis, employees do not need to be trained on complex analysis methods

  • The simplified measurement process means that measurements can be carried out by less qualified be carried out

  • Staff are 100% productive after the initial training productive, no need for years of experience

  • Due to the low training effort, a roll-out can take place quickly

Measuring process

Place sensor on unit
Select measuring point

from Excel list (completely offline or via the Senzoro Cloud):

or scan QR code:

Start measurement - data are recorded automatically
At the end of the measurement round: send data to Senzoro servers via LTE/5G/WIFI
Derive need for action on the basis of the report
Senzoro Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System: place ultrasonic sensor for measurement
Senzoro Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System: report to derive need of action
Senzoro Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System: send data
Senzoro Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System: import Excel list
Senzoro Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System: QR code scanner
Screenshot 2024-04-17 at 06.04.34.png

Technical details

DETAILS - Industrial IP67 tablet:




PLATFORM - Operating system:

- Memory:

- Sealed interfaces:

DISPLAY - Technology:

- Protection glass:

- Touchscreen:

CAMERA - Front:

- Back:



- IP65:



BATTERY - rechargeable battery:




- GPS:

- Bluetooth:

Full rugged Windows tablet with 2k resolution

1400 g

10.1" (25.65 cm)

Full magnesium housing with rubber edge protection

Windows® 10 Pro 64-bit

128 GB SSD
2x USB 3.0, USB Type-C, RJ45

View Anywhere® outdoor-display
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Capacitive, multi-touch (10 fingers)

2 MP
13 MP

1D/2D barcode scanner and NFC

1.8 m drop height
Against water jets and dust

Safe use in potentially explosive areas

-20°C to 60°C

Hot swap battery function for up to 24h continuous operation


IEEE 802.11ac
4G LTE with GNSS
4.2 (EDR + BLE)

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Application areas

Remaining service life of mechanical components

  • Reliable statements about the condition of mechanical components such as roller bearings and gear boxes

  • Increased reliability of important equipment such as motors, pumps, generators, conveyor belts, CNC spindles, etc.

  • Detection of energy losses (e.g. leaks, defective valves)

  • Detection of conditions that reduce the lifetime of your equipment (e.g. insufficient lubrication)

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