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API for our "Onion Analytics Layer"

Extracting information from sensor data requires a special kind of processing. All of our products are based on this layer. The layer can either be integrated into your products offline or accessed via API.

Data analytics with a focus on audio data

Based on years of experience in evaluating audio signals in combination with artificial intelligence, we develop tailor-made solutions for your challenges.

Spyder -Intelligent ultrasound system with permanent sensors

Based on the proven technology of our Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System, you can also use Spyder to cover areas of application in which point measurements are not possible and / or not desired.

Intelligent Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System

Our Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System is a mobile measuring system, which consists of ultrasonic sensors and an industrial tablet. After a few seconds, the artificial intelligence derives the health of rolling bearings and gears.

Outstanding power to analyze sensor data

Our proven "Onion Analytics Layer" is the engine of numerous products and solutions. It was already part of a famous app and prevents unplanned system failures every day.

Senzoro takes regular measurements of our key systems (every 6 to 8 weeks) and you get a reliable statement about the condition of the bearings very quickly - which can then be acted upon. Highly recommendable system!

Stefan Altenberger - Head of Maintenance, Vöcklamarkter Holzindustrie

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