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We give meaning to your sensor data

99% of the information in sensor data is not found, we changed that

We live in a world full of sensors

The number of sensors that collect data is currently doubling every 6 months. The challenge of our time is not the visualization of this data, but the derivation of the need for action.

The way we optimize something has changed forever

Forget selective improvement initiatives. On the basis of data, the improvements come automatically and repeatedly.

Sensors are the oil platforms of today

It is the same with data as with oil: the best benefit comes from processing.

The untapped potential of sensors is limitless

Up to 73% of the sensor data is not used. 

99% of the information is lost forever

Up to 99% of the information is lost if sensor signals are processed incorrectly.

We are proud of what we have achieved

3.6 Mio

Savings potential


Breakdowns prevented





Our customers


Do you want to get the most out of your sensors? Then you are right with us.

Sensors provide valuable data, they just have to be extracted accordingly. We do it for you.

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