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Quality monitoring of mini gears using ultrasound and machine learning

Micro gears have a particularly complex geometry and the requirements for production therefore often reach technological limits. Their geometric deviations are relatively large compared to the small component size and therefore have a major influence on the

Functionality in the form of unwanted noise and vibration in the final product. There is

There are still no production-integrated measuring methods that can control the quality of all products

produced micro gears enable. Many manufacturers are therefore unable to measure geometric gear parameters according to standards such as DIN ISO 21771. If at all, only random samples are measured, as this is only possible using special, sensitive and cost-intensive tactile or optical measuring methods. A novel approach was therefore developed that relies on the integration of an acoustic emission sensor and ultrasonic sensor into the hobbing process of micro gears in order to check both process parameters and geometric and functional properties of the gears produced.

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