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Who says that it cannot be done quickly?

Now you have finally decided on a predictive maintenance solution and then this: first it took what felt like an eternity until everything was implemented, then there was this short, very general basic training and you are left with a lot of questions in everyday life. That is how it usually is, so you are not alone. Does that reassure you? Are you satisfied because of that? No, of course not - and that is a good thing. After all, there is another way: relaxed, fast and to the point. With Senzoro.

Implementing standard predictive maintenance solutions is usually costly and time-consuming. And we are not even talking about the fact that many things do not work as well as promised. In order to be able to deal with this, the employees receive training after completion, which is very general and standardised. For example, one explains on the basis of a heavily damaged and a completely new rolling bearing how easy it is to recognise and distinguish between the two.

In one's own company, this is then no longer so simple. Now the team is confronted with the real conditions. Then, for example, the sensor sits on the outside of the housing and there are sometimes 5 cm of steel shell that have to be penetrated during the measurements. Then there are different operating conditions: A bearing sounds completely different when it is idle than when it is running - is that good or bad? For the employees, many, many questions suddenly arise. And in order to answer them, a supplementary expert training is therefore gladly offered. And then an individual training course.

Quickly obtain concrete measurement results including a recommendation for action - Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System.

It does not matter whether the employees have been with the company for a long time or they are new. The provider earns additional money from it, and very well at that. You know the principle.

Should you now say that it would of course be better if the providers would finally develop a technology that is less costly, quick to implement and easy and precise to use, then we agree with you. But what the heck: that already exists...

Author: DI. Mag. Markus Loinig




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