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What to consider when choosing a condition monitoring solution?

Are you wondering what you should consider when choosing a condition monitoring / predictive maintenance solution? We have summarised the most important points in our slideshow, just click through or read the summary below:

1. The knowledge depth:

  • Low: display change of certain parameters (e.g. temperature)

  • Medium: display component damaged Yes/No

  • High: display remaining service life of components

2. The data collection method:

  • Permanently installed sensors

  • Measurement with mobile measuring device

  • Combination of permanent sensors and mobile measuring device

3. The depth of added value:

  • Proprietary development of the company

  • External service provider

  • "Best of both" approach

4. The time to report:

  • Realtime

  • 24 hours

  • Several days/weeks

5. The data storage:

  • On site

  • Server of the service provider

  • Cloud

6. The data transmission:

  • Unencoded transmission

  • Encoded transmission

  • None (on site only)

7. The information content of the technology:

  • Low: temperature

  • Medium: vibrations

  • High: ultrasound

8. The universality of the technology:

  • Low: few use cases / strong focus, e.g. only rotating components

  • High: many areas of application, e.g. lubrication optimisation as an additional benefit of ultrasound

Author: DI Mag. Markus Loinig





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