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We are the ones with artificial intelligence - in the suitcase

Now think about the topic of maintenance. Hand on your heart: Do you immediately associate this with mobile sensors, sustainability and all the incredible possibilities of artificial intelligence? Surely you've read, heard or talked about one or the other of these aspects before. The possibilities of artificial intelligence are almost unlimited. Very well. But how about this: We come to you with artificial intelligence and mobile sensors in our suitcase and will save you much, much money, worries and efforts. Curious what that could mean for you? "Maintenance just needs to work!" That's right, you'll probably say now. Only that all the measures connected with the maintenance, inspection and repair of machines and systems also cause significant costs - from qualified personnel to spare parts. Of course, a company is happy to pay for these costs if it means that production can always (continue to) run as planned. In this case, saving on personnel or spare parts in stock means saving in the wrong place. You already know it: What is meant are production downtimes - the most expensive way of saving money, which honestly no company can afford. Now, however, maintenance can also be optimized. And it can be done in a cost-saving, flexible and even sustainable way - with the help of mobile ultrasonic sensors, for example, which can quickly and precisely determine whether and what a machine is missing, when exactly a spare part will be needed and much more. For this we actually come to our customers with a suitcase. We measure several hundred components with just one single sensor - in a matter of seconds, without disturbing or influencing internal processes. – how, you can see in this video. This also includes the use of breaks, for example. Because - we know our way around machines and know when the best moment for a measurement is. We rely on the know-how, the experience, the involvement of the employees who are responsible for maintenance. We just take some work off your hands. That saves time and money. How exactly is quickly explained: On the one hand, sensors do not have to be installed in every single machine and system. And secondly, the sensor data that are recorded do not have to be constantly checked or observed. After all, we are here for all of this. We measure, all data is evaluated by means of artificial intelligence and you receive clear, unambiguous, forward-looking maintenance recommendations. In good times to take action or to wait a bit and allow spare parts to have a longer life. Everything is possible. The means to an end in our case is ultrasound, a technology with an unsurpassed range of applications and in combination with artificial intelligence, well - you guessed it, didn't you? Talk to us. We will advise you and explain openly what is possible and what can’t be done.



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