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Senzoro at the International Clean Energy Hackathon 14.-15.11.2022 in Linz

Senzoro has been selected to participate in the International Clean Energy Hackathon in Linz from 14 to 15 November 2022. The Hackathon (a combination of "hack" = "innovative solution" and "marathon") is part of the URBAN TECH project, which was founded within the framework of the EU research and innovation programme HORIZON 2020, and aims to contribute to energy security and climate neutrality.

Präsentation im Rahmen des International Clean Energy Hackathon 2022 in Linz

Leading energy transition companies - including globally operating manufacturers of renewable electricity & heating equipment, innovative energy service companies, planners and industry specialists - were looking for creative ideas and innovative solutions in the field of clean energy.

Under the slogan "Optimisation of operating and control parameters for biomass heating plants", we have taken a completely new approach and thought about how we can "listen" to the combustion in biomass power plants with our ultrasonic sensor in order to optimise it and thus save CO₂ and valuable resources.

Senzoro beim International Clean Energy Hackathon 2022 in Linz


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