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“Plug & play“ predictive maintenance using the example of a CNC machine

How plant manufacturers can offer predictive maintenance in just a few weeks

Manufacturers of plants have a hard time with predictive maintenance. On the one hand, they do not want to/cannot build up the necessary competences to master complex technologies such as predictive maintenance, on the other hand, predictive maintenance is increasingly demanded by their own customers. With the Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System, plant manufacturers can offer a service "on top" to prevent failures of central components such as roller bearings and gears.

CNC machines consist of different components and many of them are suitable for the use of predictive maintenance, as wear is time-dependent and thus predictable. Equipment manufacturers usually offer their customers corresponding "fitness checks", in which the manufacturer's service personnel carry out an on-site inspection of the equipment. The "fitness check" is heavily influenced by visual inspections, as the use of modern technologies such as ultrasound and acoustic emissions was far too costly. The visual inspection by trained technical experts is a central part of every check, but can now be supplemented by appropriate predictive maintenance technologies such as the Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System from Senzoro, as they are "plug&play" ready for use for components such as roller bearings and gearboxes.

Digitalisation of the service processes

Due to the platform concept of modern systems such as the Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System, the entire service processes are also digitalised in the course of the introduction of predictive maintenance. Checklists and retrieving information about the customer, etc., are all possible with modern industrial tablets at the push of a button, as they already have numerous interfaces "on board".

“Win win win“ situation

The use of established predictive maintenance technologies automatically leads to a "win win win" situation. Plant manufacturers can offer their customers an additional service, which leads to a direct increase in turnover and at the same time upgrades the plant. The customer of the plant manufacturer can directly reduce his maintenance costs, as spare parts such as bearings and gears are no longer changed on a time basis, but on the basis of a forecast. With intelligent platforms such as the Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System, all parties simultaneously keep their finger on the pulse, as technological advances are automatically made available to everyone. In this way, everyone benefits, including the environment.

Interconnectivity of the Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System

Author: Dipl. Ing. Mag. Markus Loinig, Senzoro GmbH




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