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Minimising machine energy and operating costs

In addition to personnel costs, the costs for the consumption of electricity, operating materials (e.g. compressed air, lubricants) and the replacement of spare parts are among the operating costs that have the greatest impact. Predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and technical audits can help minimise these costs.

Precisely determine the service life of spare parts

With the help of predictive maintenance, spare parts can be replaced much more precisely at the actual end of their service life. This not only reduces maintenance costs, because wear parts now have to be replaced much less frequently. Spare parts and storage costs are also reduced, of course, because there is no longer a need for so much stockpiling, which ties up additional budget.

Identifying causes of energy loss with condition monitoring

Improving the lubrication conditions in machines reduces energy costs. Condition monitoring can be used precisely for this purpose. Energy-intensive component conditions, such as poor lubrication conditions in roller bearings, are detected and an alarm is issued to maintenance.

Investigating energy-saving potential through technical audits

And technical audits? With their help, entire machines can be examined for potential energy savings, such as the detection of compressed air leaks by ultrasound. If a machine also requires steam for operation, defective steam valves and steam traps are among the most frequent energy wasters. These components can also be monitored by ultrasound, and a defect detected and pointed out accordingly.

The combination of these three tools ensures efficiency and effectiveness.

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Author: DI. Mag. Markus Loinig




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