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Can you really afford the failure of your power plant?

Do you also own your own power plant in order to be able to cover your own demand for electricity and subsequently also heat, at least partially? Do you like the idea of being a bit independent, especially in these times? Then it is advisable to attach great importance to the care and maintenance of your power plant. Because - unplanned outages can be expensive. Very expensive.

If your power plant breaks down unplanned, you probably simply buy the electricity that is now missing on the electricity exchange. However, there are turbulent times when the electricity price on the exchange literally "goes through the roof". For example, if you have a power plant with a capacity of 10 MW (a common capacity size in industry), then you certainly know what it costs you to buy this electricity on the exchange, don't you? Well - in August 2022 the price was 700€/Mwh. The failure of the power plant would have cost you 168 000€. Per day! (10 x 24 x 700)

Development of the Austrian Electricity Price Index

To cut a long story short: It is a good idea to regularly maintain your own power plant, just like all other plants. They are among the more sensitive plants. To ensure a safe and long service life here, condition monitoring of the most important components is a good idea. If a component in the power plant no longer functions as intended, you receive a signal in good time so that you can react before the failure. This enables you to react quickly to changing conditions and ensures the necessary and problem-free generation of energy.

Predictive maintenance saves money in every respect

It is even better if you rely on predictive maintenance: Using sensors (mobile or permanently installed), the necessary measurement data can be recorded and analysed directly with the help of artificial intelligence. The result is a clear statement about when which wearing parts of the system need to be replaced, when repairs are due - before a failure is imminent! All this saves you a lot of money...

Author: DI. Mag. Markus Loinig




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