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30 years of know-how simply gone...

Retirement - that only sounds really good to you (maybe) if you have worked long and hard. For companies, this means: perfectly trained professionals retire, leaving a gap not only from a purely social point of view - they also simply take their entire know-how with them! Years of acquired knowledge, unbelievable experience - simply gone from one day to the next. How can you deal with this? Why not use Predictive Maintenance (PM for short). It also helps against a shortage of skilled workers...

With Predictive Maintenance you can only win - but above all you can close know-how gaps in the shortest possible time and also save money in the process. What do es one have to do with the other? Quite a lot:

With Predictive Maintenance, you gain condition data about and from your machines, so you know at all times how your machines, systems and especially the wear parts are doing. Not according to feeling and experience, but determined precisely and to the point. This means that you always know with maximum certainty the right time for maintenance and replacement of the necessary parts - this is then no longer solely in the hands of a specialist who may be absent tomorrow for whatever reason. When parts really need to be changed can be determined by you and every employee on site with systems such as the Ultrasound Condition Monitoring System from Senzoro simple and clear. New team members in the company? Then they only need to be trained on this system - which is not a big investment of time or money. It is more comprehensible and easier to handle than transferring 30 years of experience. Your - objectively data-driven - knowledge remains in the company, is comprehensible to everyone and can be acted upon.

Are you short of skilled workers? Predictive maintenance is an innovative, exciting topic that is definitely appealing in terms of motivation.

Predictive Maintenance has a direct and indirect impact on the success of your business.

Developing competence for this is a further education topic that many are open to and interested in. In this way, good staff can be retained, recruited and - the know-how is spread over several shoulders! A nice side effect: your work processes will also improve, the acceptance of new things increases, tasks may become more complex, substitutes for holidays, illness or parental leave are no longer a problem. Neither is the retirement of a skilled worker. All in all, your employees will be more satisfied, the image of your company, indeed its attractiveness, will increase once again... we could list a few more things, but maybe you are already convinced?

Author: DI. Mag. Markus Loinig




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