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AI Trainer Software

  • Train your own AI models with just a few clicks

  • Quickly and reliably distinguish damaged from undamaged components

  • Easy handling due to automated evaluation by means of artificial intelligence

  • Transparency of the parameters used

  • Performance score shows accuracy

  • Automatic storage of trained AI models

  • AI models can be added to the main software


Demo video

Anker 1

Application areas

  • Leak detection (e.g. pressured air/gas)

  • Lubrication (e.g. optimise lubrication cycles)

  • Material cracks (e.g. detect cracks to avoid downtimes)

  • Corrosion (e.g. aerospace)

  • Valves (e.g. steam valves)

  • Tightness testing (e.g. ships, containers)

  • Cavitation (e.g. pumps)

  • Electric (e.g. electric arc detection)

Anker 2
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